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What is the Item Status?

About the Item status

The status of an Item indicates if it is ready for use. The Item Status can be found in the Details menu, below the Item Reference. There are three status options: Published, Unpublished or Archived.



Screenshot: the Item Status setting in the Details menu.

  • Unpublished: The status of every new Item is set to Unpublished and should remain Unpublished until ready for testing. Unpublished Items in the Item List will be indicated by this red icon: Screenshot_2021-07-13_at_16.10.15.png.
  • Published: Only Published Items can be used in an Assessment. When Items are ready to be used in assessments and have passed QA the status should be changed to Published. Published Items in the Item List will be indicated by a green check icon as shown here: Screenshot_2021-07-13_at_16.10.22.png.
  • Archived: When the status has been changed to Archived this means a soft delete. The Item will still exist but no longer be present in Item List or in any searches unless Archived Items have been searched for. There is no way to remove an Item completely. As Item References must be unique it is not possible to create a new Item with the same Reference as an Archived Item. In this instance, it is recommended to rename the Archived Item.  

Learn more about how to change the Item status using the Author Site sidebar, or by using Bulk Updates.

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