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Using Bulk Updates to Update the Item Status and Tags

The Bulk Updates section in the Author Site allows you to update the status and the tags of many Items and Activities at once.

Bulk Updating Items

In the Author Site navigation menu, under 'Items' select 'Bulk Updates'.

Select the checkbox beside all of the items you wish to apply updates to; you can easily search for items by parameters like reference, status, and tags if you need to. 

Then select Update Status or Update Tags from the Action drop-down menu.


Figure 1: Bulk Update section of the Author Site.

Update Status

Select the Status you wish to change on the Items, and click Update.


Figure 2: Bulk Update status.

Update Tags

Type the tags you want to add to the items (you can add more than one). When you are satisfied, click Update.


Figure 3: Bulk Update tags.


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