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The Basics of Item Authoring in the Author Site

Learnosity Items act as containers for Questions and Features. As an author, you have a few different configuration options available when you view an Item - you can:

Preview the Item as it will look to the student, and test the scoring to make sure everything is working as expected. You can check out our Item preview article here.


Figure 1: Item preview.

Edit the Item - this involves changing layouts, adding/removing Questions and Features, and even configuring dynamic content. Click here for our article on Item edit mode.


Figure 2: Item edit.

If you are an Author Site user, you have access to the Author Site sidebar. This gives you access to some more advanced Item options such as:

  • The Item status; found in the details section, this status indicates whether an Item is in progress, completed, or deleted. This can also be done with bulk updates.
  • Tagging found in Tags section
  • Item history; a detailed audit trail, showing you who edited the Item, when, and what they did (including a JSON comparison of the Item before and after their edit).
  • Action builder found in Actions; allows the author to configure automated actions. You can learn more about this feature here: Item Action Builder
  • Dynamic data is a form of smart content which allows many variations of the same Question.


Figure 3: Item side navigation.




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