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Item Review Workflow

The Item review workflow allows authors to collaborate on the review process by allowing the ability to transition Items through different workflow states and post review comments on the Items. The status of the Items is automatically managed depending on the workflow state that Items are transitioned into. 

Learnosity provides a default Item review workflow with 5 states of Draft, Review, Rework, Blocked and Approved which Authors can transition their Items into. 

By default, Items are created with the unpublished status in the initial ("Draft") workflow state. The status is automatically set to published once the Item is transitioned to the final ("Approved") workflow state. The Item status is not visible in the list view when workflow is enabled, and instead Authors will see the workflow state of the Items. Authors will still be able to filter out and search for Items based on their status.


Workflow states:

  • Draft (unpublished)
  • Review (unpublished)
  • Rework (unpublished)
  • Blocked (unpublished)
  • Approved (published)



Figure 1: Flow diagram for Learnosity's default workflow states


When enabled, the author can move through the workflow states and add comments on the Item they are working on. To change workflow state, select the state in which you would like to transition to from the dropdown, add a comment if necessary, hit apply and hit save in the top right corner. Only the next transition-able workflow state can be selected in the dropdown, i.e. if the Item is in the Draft state, it can be transitioned to the Review or Blocked state. Comments can be added to an Item any time.  



Figure 2: Commenting as part of Item review workflow



Version added: v2020.2.LTS

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