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The drawing question allows the student to answer a question using different drawing tools such as a compass, or straightedge (ruler) on a provided image.



Figure 1: An example of the drawing question, using the compass.


Creating a question

Enter the question stem into the Compose question area. Then upload a picture you want to use for your question in the Image Source field. For information about image requirements visit our Images page.

Configuring the toolbar

You can control what tools* the student will see in their toolbar. The icons highlighted in grey have been enabled, the white icons are disabled. Click on a white icon to enable it, and click on a grey icon to disable it. Use the DIV icons to place dividing lines between icons. These tool options are draggable, you can drag and drop the tools into a different order, and the new order will be displayed on the toolbar.

Note: the compass tool has a minimum radius of 160px.


Figure 2: Creating a drawing question.


Configuring line color options for the drawing tool

Here you can choose how the line painted over the image will look like. You can also add up to 6 colors to your color palette.



Figure 3: Line color settings for the drawing tool.


Authors can also select stroke colors and opacity using the color picker tool.



Figure 4: The color picker tool.

Interactive Demo

To try out the drawing tool, visit this page.

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