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Adding an Existing Passage to an Item


Using the Find Existing Passage feature, the author does not need to re-create the same passage again and again. Instead, it is possible to re-use the same passage among multiple Items. 

In order to re-use a passage, it must be first created and saved to an Item. This Item can contain only the passage, or it can contain multiple Questions/Features alongside the passage - it doesn't matter, this will not affect the ability to re-use the passage.

Note that the ability to re-use passages will need to be enabled. If you are using the Learnosity Author Site, contact Learnosity support to enable the option. If you are using the embedded Author API, your development team will be able to enable this option.

Finding an Existing Passage

To re-use a passage, select the 3 vertical dot symbol on the Item edit page, you will see a button labelled 'Find existing passage'.


Figure 1: Find existing passage button on the Item Edit page.

Clicking this button will navigate to a bank of all passages created in your organisation. Search by some keywords from the passage to find it. 


Figure 2: Search for an existing passage using keywords from the passage.

To add a passage to the Item without previewing it, click the Select button to the left of the passage blurb.

To preview a passage before selecting it, click on the eye symbol to the left of the passage blurb. The full passage contents will pop up in a modal, click Select at the bottom to add this passage to the Item. Otherwise, click Cancel.


Figure 3: Preview a passage before adding it to an Item.

Editing a Shared Passage

Editing a passage will modify the passage in every Item it is shared in.

When you open a Passage that is shared among more than one Item in the Question Editor, you will see a warning highlighted in yellow at the top of the Question Editor:


Figure 4: Editing a passage that is saved to more than one Item.


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