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Creating and Linking to Text Anchors

It is possible to link to anchors in a piece of text, using the hyperlink button in the rich text toolbar.

First of all, you will need to create the anchors manually in the HTML source.

Inserting the Anchors

  1. Click inside the text field in which you want to add the anchors.
  2. Click on the source button in the rich text toolbar.
  3. Enter either an element ID, or a name (or both) around the text you want to apply the anchor to.

Example using ID

<a id="#footnote1">1.</a>

Example using Name

<a name="footnote1">1.</a>

Example using both ID and Name

<a id=#footnote1" name="footnote1">1.</a>

Repeat this step for every anchor you want to add. 



Figure 1: the HTML source button on the rich text toolbar.



Figure 2: the HTML source field.


When an anchor has been applied to a piece of text in the Question Editor, a red flag symbol will appear to the left of the anchor text, and a blue dotted outline will appear around the anchor text.


Figure 3: flag and outline on anchor text.


Linking to Anchors

To link to an anchor:

  1. Find and highlight the text that you want to use as a link to the anchor.
  2. Click on the hyperlink symbol in the rich text toolbar.
  3. In the Link Type drop down menu, select Link to Anchor in the Text.
  4. There are two drop down menus available, one to select the anchor by the name you have given it, or one to select the anchor by the ID you have given it. If you have given your anchor both a name and an ID, you can select from either drop-down menu and it will work.
  5. Click OK.



Figure 4: the hyperlink button in the rich text toolbar.



Figure 5: selecting the anchor name or ID.

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