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Using the Audio Player with Simple Features


Audio can be embedded into a question using 5 different player types:

  • Button
  • Bar
  • Minimal
  • Image
  • Display as text

Within every player, you have the ability to set a Playback limit - how many times the student can play the audio before it becomes disabled.

The Button player takes up less space on the page and allows the student to play, stop, pause, and adjust the volume of the audio.


Figure 2: Button player.

The Bar player takes up more width on the page and allows the student to play, pause, and adjust volume controls. 


Figure 3: Bar player.

The Minimal player is the smallest player of the three and allows the student to play, pause and adjust volume controls. There is no progress bar on this audio player, unlike the Bar and Button players. With this player type, you have the option to hide controls from the student, i.e. pause and volume.


Figure 4: Minimal player.

The Image player allows the author to upload their own image, that when clicked, will play audio. There are a few extra options with this player type - you can hide controls (play/pause/volume control) from the student, and also hide the play icon that appears by default besides the image. There are also image configuration options:

  • Height and Width: these values are entered in pixels (px).
  • Title: Text that appears when the mouse hovers over the image.
  • Image alternative text: text that will appear in place of the image, if the image does not load on the page.


Figure 5: Image player.

When Display as text is selected, you can set what text will act as the audio player for the student. This text will appear underlined, and the student can click on it to play it.

Like with the image player, you do have the option to set up a title, hide the play icon (which will otherwise appear by default to the left of the text), and also to hide the controls from the student. 



Figure 6: Text player.

In the Source URL section, you have the option of uploading an audio file from your computer or by embedding the link for the audio if it is hosted elsewhere. You also have the option to record your own audio (maximum recording time is 10 minutes) and use it in the question.


Figure 7: The upload audio and record audio buttons in the Simple Feature pop up box.

It is also possible to record your own audio, on-the-fly using Learnosity, and embed that inside a Question.

Note if you have embedded Audio into your question, you can configure actions such as autoplay, using our Action builder.



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