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Viewing Item History in the Sidebar

The History panel will show the full audit history of the Item you are editing, showing actions performed by named users, and when these actions occurred. History will cover the following:

  • Adding/removing Questions or Features,
  • Editing Questions or Features that may be attached to this item,
  • Adding/removing tags,
  • Any content or detail changes to the Item.


Figure 3: Item history.

Each entry you see in the history, indicating that some modifications to the Item took place, will have a Show Difference link. By clicking on it you will see a new window open with the Old content in the left pane, and the New content in the right pane. You can compare the versions and see the difference as shown in Figure 4.


Figure 4: Show difference example.

By clicking on Show Source Diffs, you will see the changes that have been made to the underlying code. Any changes will be highlighted in yellow.

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