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Updating Item Details in the Sidebar

This panel lets you add additional information to the Item that can be then used for content management, classification and reporting.


Figure 1: Item details menu.

Status: When the Item is finished and ready to be used, select Published from the drop down menu.

Description/Source/Notes: These areas allow the author to add some additional notes on the Item. Text entered in these areas is searchable in the Author Site but will not at any stage be made visiable to the student.

Scoring type: Learnosity supports 3 different types of scoring methods on items: Per Question, Dichotomous, and Dependent (EBSR).

Acknowledgements: Copyright Acknowledgements can be added here. Acknowledgements entered here can be configured to dynamically appear on the Activity Outro Item. This is particularly useful for adaptive activities as you won't know which Items will appear in the Activity.

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