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Using the Action Builder to Autoplay Audio and Disable Navigation

Autoplay Audio

To configure the autoplay to occur when the Item loads on the page, set the event to an Item event. Then, select the Action - this will be a Widget action, as the action is not going to be performed by the whole Item, just part of it (a "Widget"). From the Reference drop-down, select the audio file you wish to apply the autoplay to. You will be able to differentiate each file by its file name. Then, select your Action: Play, Pause, Seek, Resume, or Stop.


Figure 8: Configuring Action Builder to autoplay audio when the Item loads.

Disable Navigation

To disable the navigation buttons on the Item, while the audio is playing:

  • add a new action (action 2) and select Item event.
  • Then select Item action, as the navigation will be disabled across the whole Item.
  • From the drop-down, select Disable navigation. We then need to tell the action that we want to Enable navigation again when the audio finishes playing - remember, Action Builder will not know what to do unless it is explicitly told.
  • Select Widget event this time, as the event that you want to trigger the action is concerning the Audio file in the Question.
  • Select the audio file from the drop-down menu, and select Playback completes as the Event.
  • Just like when we Enabled navigation, to disable it we need to select Item action again but this time select Enable navigation instead of Disable navigation.


Figure 9: Configuring Action Builder to Disable and Enable navigation based on autoplay.

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