Submit a request
Submit a request

Raising a Support Request

Once you've signed in, let's create a ticket!

You'll notice the UI in the top right hand corner has changed now.

Creating a support request

First, click on "create a support request" to go to a new page, where you can enter in all of your request details.

Let's take a look at a few of these fields in detail:


Here you can enter in the email of any existing users that you wish to add, and have receive notifications of the progress of this ticket.


A short description of the ticket issue - for reference, and to help communicate the issue to our team. Think of this like an email subject - something short and descriptive of the problem is the most useful for you and us.

As you type your subject, you may see a box with some suggested articles appear below.

Have a look at these in case any are relevant - we may already have answered your question before you even finished typing!


A place to provide all the information you can about your question, issue, or concern. Please try to be as descriptive as possible, to help our team respond as quickly and accurately as possible.


A place to add any files or attachments that may be relevant to your issue. You can click "add file" to pop up a file browser, or drag and drop your files onto the drop area to upload anything you need. There is a 5MB limit on file size, so please try to limit files to below this size, or use external hosting (e.g. Google Drive) and link our team to it.

Submitting your Request

When you've completed these sections, click "submit" to create the ticket, and you'll be able to see the ticket you've created! In this view, you'll also see the status of your ticket, and any response from our Developer Support team.

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