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Where Do I Start?


Welcome to the Learnosity Author Guide! This page explains what you'll find on this site, and offers some information about our other more technical documentation sites.


Authoring Help

Learnosity Author Guide (you are here)

In the Author Guide, all of the content is for Authors & Content Creators using the system. Our Author Guide is targeted at:

  • Learning Specialists
  • Content Creators
  • In-House Authors
  • Contract Authors

Please note that there are two ways to get access to the Learnosity Authoring system. 

  1. The cloud-based Author Site (at
  2. The app-integration version of it, the Author API (this will need to be integrated into your app by software developers).

While we aim to make our Author Guide suitable both for those clients using our cloud-based Author Site, as well as the app-integration version of it, the Author API, there are areas where some functionality, either by design or configuration, is not the same between the two. In those cases, we make it as clear as possible whether the content applies to the Author Site and Author API, or Author Site only.

To dive right in to the Author Guide content, see the following:


Product & Developer Help

Learnosity Help Site

A more technical site for app builders, is designed to provide all of the product information, integration advice, and best-practice guides for:

  • App builders
  • CTOs
  • Solution Architects
  • Product Architects
  • Front & Back-end engineers & developers

The content in Help Site sections are aligned to Learnosity product lines (Authoring, Assessment and Analytics). 


Learnosity Reference Site

Another technically-focused site, contains developer reference material. This provides the core API reference material (initialization options, methods, events) for each API. Learnosity Help is the best technical starting point to find out about capabilities, and provides all of the information about how to use Learnosity functionality, while Learnosity Reference provides detailed reference material for software developers building an app.


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