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What is Learnosity Math?

We have developed our own scoring engine that is exclusively used for our Math questions called Learnosity Math. Learnosity Math is completely different from our standard scoring engine that all of our other auto-scorable Questions use.

Learnosity Math makes it possible to score open ended Math Questions, using pre-defined rules to evaluate the correctness of a mathematical expression by determining whether the learner response fits within the parameters defined by the Question author. 

This enables learners to enter their response in a wide variety of forms and syntaxes and not be penalised for using different variable ordering, bracketing, or spacing between elements.

As a result, Learnosity Math enables the assessment of learners' problem solving skills on authentic, complex tasks, and tests a higher level of mathematical skills than a short text or multiple choice style Question.

Learnosity Math saves a huge amount of time for authors, as they set up parameters for an acceptable response, rather than having to specify each and every correct response.

We've revamped our math offering to handle advanced math and science content, see this article to learn more.

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