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Question Types Overview

Learnosity's Question Editor contains over 40 different default Question templates to choose from, organised into 9 different categories:

Multiple choice

Fill in the blanks

Classify, match & order

Written & recorded



Graphing & Charting



The majority of our Question types are autoscored - here is a complete breakdown of our autoscored and manually graded Questions. It is possible to convert any autoscored Question type to a manually graded question, using the 'Enable auto scoring' setting in the Question Editor.


For Question templates, you can customize:

  • The category the template belongs to
  • The template name and description
  • The template icon
  • Show or hide settings in the template
  • Change default settings in the template
  • Remove templates completely

You can also customize the Question Editor categories:

  • Change category names
  • Add templates to new, customised categories
  • Remove whole categories entirely

Click here for a more detailed article on customization.

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