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What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic Content is a form of smart content which allows many variations of the same Question. There is no need to enter large amounts of data manually, the data is imported directly from a spreadsheet/CSV. You can even quickly generate data in this fashion using popular spreadsheet applications. This data will then be automatically transformed into a table and can be used to author Questions using table variables.

Note: This feature requires the Author API interface. If the Data button is not available to you, contact support and we will enable the feature for you. Additionally, your developer will need to set the dynamic_content initialization option to true (under config >item_edit). 

Dynamic Content works with all Question types but is utilized best in Math and Chemistry, Multiple Choice Questions, Matching, Sort, and Order Lists. Note that Dynamic Content is able to handle LaTeX and images.

The Item Branching/Adaptive assessment modes are not compatible with Dynamic Content.

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