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Video Recorder

With the Video Recorder Question, learners can record a video response to a Question.

Note that this Question is not enabled by default - you will need to contact Learnosity Support to enable this Question type.


Figure 1: an example of the Video Recorder Question

After you have entered your stimulus in the Compose Question field, there are some minor configuration settings to go over.

  • Maximum length (seconds): refers to the maximum length the video can be - when the learner reaches this limit, the video will stop recording automatically. This value is set to 600 seconds by default
  • Overwrite warning: enabled by default, this will warn the learner when they are about to overwrite their previous video recording wth a new one.
  • Max score: the maximum score that can be awarded for the Question, as this Question is not auto-graded.
  • Minimum score if attempted: marks awarded to the learner for attempting the Question, regardless of a correct or incorrect response.
  • Font size: change the font size. This applies to both the stimulus, but also the text on the video recorder.
  • Details: see our Understanding Metadata page for a thorough explanation of these fields.


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