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Using Math Variables in the Dynamic Content Data Table

With Learnosity's dynamic content feature, you are not limited to creating questions with text variables - in this article, we'll explain how to the dynamic content feature for math variables. To learn about our authoring tool for creating dynamic Math Questions, see the article on the Math Question Generator. 

This feature requires the Author API interface. If the Data button does not appear as in the screenshots below, contact support and we will enable the feature for you.

On the Item Edit page, click on the Settings button in the top right corner of the page.

Select the Data Table tab, and either type your data table content directly inside the text field, or paste it from a spreadsheet.

When you are setting up your data table to include math, you will need to ensure you are using LaTeX markup. 

You will also need to consider where in the question you intend to put each dynamic math variable, as you will need to enter them slightly differently in the data table depending on what field you are using in the Question Editor.

In a Rich Text Field

A rich text field is any field that contains the Learnosity rich text toolbar when you click inside of it:


Figure 1: The rich text toolbar.

For example, in an MCQ you will find the rich text toolbar in the question stem field, the response option fields, and in each field of the 'Extras' section.

To use dynamic math in a rich text field, you will need to remember that these are HTML fields, so we need to include some extra markup with the LaTeX to make it HTML-friendly.

At the beginning of your LaTeX expression, include a backslash and an open bracket, i.e. \(

At the end of your LaTeX expression, include a backslash and a closed bracket, i.e. \)

For example, the expression 15+10x would look like this in the data table:


In a Math Field

Math fields can only be found in our math question types: Math, Label image with math, Math Question Generator, Cloze Math, Cloze Math with Image, and Math Formula (Deprecated)

In a math field, anything entered inside will be rendered as LaTeX. Math fields are recognised by the math keypad that appears when you click inside of the field (there is no rich text toolbar):


Figure 2: The math keypad.

For example, in a Math question, the Value field located in the validation area and the Response container Formula template field in More Options are both math fields. In a Math Formula (Deprecated) question, the Template field and the Value field (located in the validation area) are both math fields.

Because these are LaTeX fields, you don't need to include any extra HTML-friendly markup; you can enter the LaTeX in your data table as is, without any modification.

Using the example above of 15+10x, this value can be entered directly inside the data table without any modification, i.e. 15+10x.

After you configure your data table, you can follow all of the same steps set out in our dynamic content overview article to create your questions.


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