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List of Auto-Scored and Manually Scored Questions


Our rule-based scoring engine automatically marks all your auto-scorable questions instantly. Below is a list of all our auto-scored Question types. 

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Math
Choice Matrix Label image with math
Cloze with drag & drop Cloze math
Cloze with drop-down Cloze math with image
Cloze with text Math Question Generator
Label image with drag & drop Graphing
Label image with drop-down Number line with drag & drop
Label image with text Number line with plot
Classification Charts
Match list Chemistry formula
Order list Cloze chemistry
Sort list Cloze chemistry with image 
Short text Image annotation 
Shading Gridded
Token highlight  Fill shape
Hotspot Multi-step math


Manual scoring

Although the majority of Learnosity question types are auto-scorable, some require teacher/marker attention (such as open response or audio recording).

Below is a list of all Question types that require manual scoring.

Essay with rich text Math Essay with rich text
Essay with plain text Chemistry Essay with rich text
Audio recorder Image annotation upload
Video recorder File upload
Drawing Rating


Converting auto-scored Questions to manually scored Questions

It is possible to make any auto-scored Question type a manually scored Question, using the 'Enable auto scoring' checkbox in the Question Editor. The box is checked by default in auto-scored Questions - just uncheck it if you want to manually grade the Question.


Figure 1: Enable auto scoring option in the Question Editor.


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