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When to Use the Author Site and When to Use the Author API

Learnosity offer two authoring tools: the embedded Author API and the Author Site (

Both enable the authoring of Items, Questions, and Activities - but they are different. Our Author Guide has been written to provide as much information on both approaches, however due to some functionality differences, and areas where your own product & development team may have customized the Author API in your Content Management System (CMS), some articles may not apply.

Author Site

The Author Site is an out-of-the-box, Learnosity-hosted, authoring solution. There is no development work required to start using the Author Site, once an author has an account they can log in and start creating content. 

If you need to author your content quickly and with a tight deadline, the Author Site might be best for you. The Author Site is particularly useful to you if you don't have the development resources needed to implement your own embedded authoring environment.

The Author Site provides authors the access to their Learnosity Item bank, the Question Editor, and Activity bank, as well as access to some features that are unique to the Author Site:

  • A tag manager interface
  • An Activity Editor
  • A side navigation menu that contains functionality to change Item status, and the Action Builder.

Review the Author Site features in more detail here.

Author API

The Author API is embedded inside your own CMS, which allows for rich customization while still leveraging the power of the Learnosity authoring tools for creation of rich items. 

The Author API is most useful if you have customization requirements, the time, and the development resources required to build and embed Learnosity authoring into your own CMS.

Authors have access to their Learnosity Item bank, which includes the ability to manage/create/modify Items, as well as the ability to create Questions and Features using the Learnosity Question Editor.

To manage Activities, authors have access to an Activity bank, as well as the Author API Activity Builder - a simple interface for creating assessments.

Review the Author API features in more detail here


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