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Using Images in the Dynamic Content Data Table

With Learnosity's dynamic content feature, you are not limited to creating questions with text variables - in this article, we'll explain how to the dynamic content feature for image variables.

This feature requires the Author API interface, as shown. If the Data button does not appear as in the screenshots below, contact support and we will enable the feature for you.

On the Item Edit page, click on the Settings button in the top right corner of the page.

Select the Data Table tab, and either type your data table content directly inside the text field, or paste it from a spreadsheet.

When you are setting up your data table to use images, you will need to include an image URL inside HTML <img> tags. 

In the below image, the spreadsheet has three dynamic variables: country, correctFlag, and flag1. All three of the correctFlag, flag1, and flag2 variables consist of an image URL inside HTML <img> tags.


Figure 1: Spreadsheet with a mixture of text and images.

After you configure your data table, you can follow all of the same steps set out in our dynamic content overview article to create your questions.

A sample question using the content in the data table above would look like this:


Figure 2: MCQ with dynamic images.

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