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Creating Tag Hierarchies Using the Tag Hierarchies Manager

Before you create your Tag hierarchies, please note the following properties of Tag hierarchies in Learnosity:

  • Two or more Tag types can be structured into a hierarchy.
  • Any Tag type can be grouped in a Tag hierarchy.
  • A single Tag type can be reused in any number of hierarchies, and can be used at different levels in each hierarchy.

To better understand Tag hierarchies and how they work, please see our Tag Hierarchies Overview article.

In the Author Site navigation bar, Tag hierarchies can be accessed in the Tags menu.


Figure 1: Tag hierarchies under Tags menu


In the top right corner of the page, click on the Add Tag hierarchy button. 

On the next page, enter a reference for the new Tag hierarchy. This reference will be used by your development team when initializing the Tag hierarchy-related report types. Click create.


Figure 2: Add tag hierarchy reference

Now you will need to define your hierarchy - remember order is important. 

The right container holds all Tag types in your organization. Choose the relevant Tag types from the list and drag them over to the left container, this container is your hierarchy. Click save when you are done.


Figure 3: Edit tag hierarchy

You can modify or delete a Tag hierarchy at any time by selecting Tag Hierarchies from the Tags menu in the Author Site navigation bar. Click on the hierarchy you wish to modify, and from here you can add/remove Tag types, re-order Tag types, change the reference, and delete the entire hierarchy.

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