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Creating a New Author Site User with Learnosity Console

To create a new Author Site user, you can log on directly to, select User Management from the navigation bar.


Figure 1: Console navigation menu.

Alternatively, you can select User Management from the top right of the navigation bar on the Author Site - clicking this will bring you directly to the User Management section of


Figure 2: Accessing user management from the Author Site.

Create user

Select the Create User button, situated on the top right of the user list. 


Figure 3: Create user button in the top right of the user list.

On the form, enter in the new user's username - this will need to be an email address. Enter their first name, and surname, and proceed with the process to give the user required site access and permissions. 

The newly created user will receive an email with a secure link to set their password, and finish their account set-up.

Updating an Item bank for a user

Furthermore, on the 'Update User' page you can change the list of Item banks a user can access.

To grant a user access to an Item bank, click the blue +ADD button next to 'Item bank(s)', located within the Author Site settings.


Figure 4: Click the +ADD button to assign an Item bank to a user.





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