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What is the Author API?

The Learnosity Author API is an authoring system that is embedded inside your own content management system, allowing for a more customised and flexible implementation for your authoring environment. 

You can view demos of the various features mentioned here. The important thing to remember about the embedded Author API is that it may look totally different to the example pages on our demos site and in our images, because the interface is so highly customisable.


The Author API provides authors with the power to manage their organisation's Item bank, as well as access the Learnosity Question Editor to create and modify both Learnosity Questions and Features. 


Figure 1: The Learnosity Question Editor.


Once Tags have been programmatically created, authors are able to add these Tags to Items and Activities. 

Authors can tag Items via the Tags tab on the side navigation. Activities can be tagged within the Tags tab of the Author API Activity Builder.


Figure 2: Tagging an Item.


Like with the Item bank, Authors also have the ability to view and manage all of their Activities using an Activity bank.

Authors can build assessments with our easy-to-use Author API Activity Builder.


Figure 3: The Author API Activity Builder.


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