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Making Changes to a Pre-existing Item

The Edit area is where you will name your Item, add Questions and Features, and apply columns.


Figure 1: Item edit.

The Item Reference will appear on the top left of the Item. This will only be visible to authors. Reference numbers have to be unique and are automatically generated in the form OrganisationName_Number. These numbers are editable and must only contain ASCII printable characters, except double quotes, single quotes with no more than 150 characters.

To make any edits to Questions or Features, click on the pencil icon on the grey toolbar to the right of the Question/Feature.

If you want to change question order you can do so by simply dragging and dropping the questions while in the Item Edit view. Question order may be important for reporting purposes, or if you are using EBSR scoring.

To delete a Question/Feature, click on the trash can icon that appears on the right toolbar of the Question/Feature. The first click will ask you to confirm the action, and a second click will delete the Question/Feature.

In the Settings section, accessible in the top right corner of the Item edit page, you can configure Item layouts and set up a data table for using the dynamic content feature.


Figure 2: Customise Item layouts.

Please note that when an Item is edited, that edit will be reflected in any Activity containing that Item.

When the Item Edit/Preview page is opened on an Item that has been saved to at least one Activity, there will be a warning at the top of the page indicating that modifying the Item will impact any related Activities.


Figure 3: The Activity warning at the top of the Item Edit/Preview page.

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