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An Overview of the Buttons Available in the Rich Text Toolbar

Formatting options for Items and Questions

The Rich Text Editor allows users to apply basic formatting during Question creation without any knowledge of HTML. More advanced formatting can be applied by entering HTML into the source field.

Text Formatting Screen_Shot_2019-03-28_at_14.01.29.png  BoldItalic and UnderlineA will add color to the text. 
Underlined Indicator   Underline and add an indicator (e.g. number or letter) to a piece of text, so that it can be easily referenced in a Question. Highlight the text you want to apply the indicator to, and then click the icon in the toolbar to apply the style. Type your desired indicator in the pop-up box, and click ok.
Remove format Screen_Shot_2019-03-28_at_14.01.56.png Remove formatting on the text.
Font Size Screen_Shot_2019-02-20_at_09.51.55.png  Increase or decrease the size of the selected text to create well-formatted Questions for learners. 
Numbers, Bullets & Indent   Insert a numbered list or bullet list. Increase or decrease indent. 
Align Text   Adjust text alignment as left, centre, right or justified.
Link/Unlink   Link or unlink content to a specific URL.
 Add Image   Insert an image onto a Question/Item. See more on uploading an image.
Add Math (Latex / MathML) Easily add a wide variety of mathematical symbols and functions including fractions and square root.
 Add Table   Insert a table. Specify the number of rows and columns, and specify a table style.
Block Quote Insert a blockquote.
Symbols Insert symbols onto an Item.
Insert Response   Add a response box to the template area. Only available in cloze Questions. Shortcut - double underscore (__) .
Simple Features Embed the audio player, calculator, ruler, or protractor Features inline with text.
Resource Screen_Shot_2019-03-28_at_14.26.33.png Upload files and images as a hyperlink; either inline, with the Question stimulus only, or in a passage.
Add ARIA label Add_ARIA_label.png

Define an ARIA label for the selected text. The ARIA label would be read out by screen readers instead of the visible text for which the ARIA label has been defined.

Add Pop-Up Content Pop-up.png

Add supplemental content to text in the form of additional text, image or text with an image. The pop-up content feature is accessed by learners through a dismissible pop-up widget.

Undo / Redo

Undo or Redo action.

Styles Text heading font weight from H1 - H5. You can also find "Feature box", "Formatted", "heightWidth 100", "Num par every 5th",  "Strikethrough", "SuperScript", and "SubScript" options.
Source Edit the HTML source code.

Access to the Data variables which can be inputted to Questions and validation.

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