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The Rating question is useful for obtaining student feedback, or as a rubric for use by the teacher when providing feedback to the student. This is a non-auto-scored question.


Figure 1: The rating question used as a rubric for teacher feedback.

The Rating question consists of a bar made up of Rating buttons. You can control what the label is on each button - in the example above, the labels are 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Hovering over a button will display a tooltip, which you can also configure, in the example above the tooltips are unsatisfactory, average, credit, and perfect. An information button is displayed to the left of the Rating bar. When clicked, it will display the label, tooltip, and a description (set by the author), for each button on the Rating bar. The colors of the button labels in the information box can be changed.

To author a rating question, follow these steps:

  • Fill in the Compose Question area with your desired question or instructions to the student. This may not be necessary, particularly if the question is being used as a scoring rubric.
  • Under each Rating heading, you can fill in details for each button on the rating bar:
    • Value: The number entered here will be stored as the response if this Rating is selected.
    • Label: This refers to the label on each Rating button. This can be text or numbers.
    • Tooltip: The input from this field will be displayed when the cursor hovers over a Rating.
    • Color: This refers to the color of the label when it appears in the information box beside the Rating bar. You can pick colors from the color library, enter a specific hex code, and change the opacity.
    • Description: This is displayed inside the information box, alongside the button label, and tooltip, to give information about each Rating.


Figure 2: Setting up a button on the rating bar.

The 'More options' panel

In the More options panel, you can select from a number of additional settings.

Layout options

  • Font size: under Layout, you can choose the desired font size for the question - select between small, normal, large, extra large, and huge. 
  • Hide info icon: ticking the box for 'Hide info icon' hides the information button Screen_Shot_2019-07-17_at_5.00.48_pm.png which usually appears to the left of the rating options.



Figure 3: The More options panel.


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