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Creating Activity Templates Using Author Site Base Templates

There are many configuration settings to choose from when setting up Activities. Templates are a good way to reduce configuration decisions for authors, as well as ensuring that the settings are consistent across multiple activities.


To create a template, open the Activity Editor and specify all of the settings you want to apply to the template. 

Go to the Advanced tab, and copy all of the code. 

Go to the Activities menu in the Author Site navigation bar, and click Base Templates. Paste all of the code you just coped into the field here and give your template a meaningful name, then save it.

Adding a Template to an Activity

When you create a new Activity and want to apply a template, navigate to the Base Template drop down menu located at the top of the Activity Editor and select the template you want to use.


Figure 1: Apply a base template to an Activity.

Note that updates to the Base Activity Template will not update in Activities that have already been created.

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