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The isFactorised method checks that a mathematical expression is in factorised form. It can handle polynomials up to degree 2, with a single variable.

When using isFactorised, Field must be specified. Authors can select between the following depending on the type of expression they are dealing with:

  • integer
  • real numbers
  • complex numbers

isFactorised doesn’t take any value and is generally used as a supporting method in conjunction with equivSymbolic.

Additional Options

  • Allow thousands separator
    Authors can specify what separators can be used by the student. From the Thousand Separator drop-down menu, you can select dot, comma, and/or space. The Decimal Separator menu contains the option for either a dot or a comma. Note that the specified thousand separator and decimal separator cannot be the same, e.g. both dot.


Example 1

isFactorised does not take any value, which means when used alone it will validate any mathematical expression presented in its factorised form.


Figure 1: isFactorised does not take any value

Combining Methods

Example 2

In this example, we use isFactorised combined with equivSymbolic. The whole expression is entered into the equivSymbolic value field in the validation area to ensure students responses are factorised and also match the expression.


Figure 2: Combining isFactorised with equivSymbolic

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