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Chemistry Essay


This question type allows students to input both text and chemical formula, within the same response.


Figure 1: Chemistry Formula Essay question example.

Create a Question

Enter a question stem in the Compose Question area. Then select formatting tools you want to make available for the students. Go to Text Formatting Options and select tools from the drop-down menus. You can add more buttons by clicking on the +Add button on the bottom of the section. To remove a button click on the delete icon beside it. The students will be able to select tools from the panel below the line when entering text.


Figure 2: Selecting formatting tools.

You can then add special symbols the student may need to complete the task. In the Symbols section, you can select a keyboard group from the drop-down menus or add more by clicking on +Add, once for each new keyboard group. The student will be able to navigate between keyboards by clicking on the keyboard labels on the top right of the keyboard. 

Authors can also limit the number of lines of formulas or text that can be entered by the students. For this go to the Maximum lines field and add a number of lines.

The Default mode option determines which keyboard, text or math, will be enabled by default in the text entry area when the student sees the question.

More Options

Additional formatting options can be found under More Options.


Additional formatting options are available in the Layout group.

Template font Scale will scale the font relative to the question's font size. The default value is 150%.

The Show keypad hints toggle will disable hints, such as keyboard shortcuts and symbol group titles that are shown on the keyboard top left corner when hovering over a symbol group key.

The Text Blocks section is where you can define a list of custom units (such as g, kg, cm, oz etc.) that will not be rendered as LaTeX.



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