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File Upload

The file upload question type allows students to upload a file to Learnosity, for review by the teacher. This question is not auto-scored, and the accepted file extensions are listed below. Files to be uploaded have a size limit of 10MB per file, and the Question type itself has a limit of 12 files in total.


Figure 1: How a file upload question will look to the student.

To author a file upload question, follow these steps:

  • Fill in the compose question area with your desired question or instructions to the student.
  • Underneath, you can control which file types available will be accepted from the student. JPG, GIF, PNG and PDF are set by default, untick the box beside a file type to disable it or tick the box beside one to enable another.
  • From the max files drop down, select the maximum number of files you will allow the student to upload. This ranges from 1 to 12, and is set to 12 by default. This value will be visible to the student.

Note: that when authoring content in the Question Editor or Activity Editor, the functionality behind the upload files button is removed. The button will appear faded in the Question Editor or Activity Editor, and you will not be able to click on it.


Figure 2: How the file upload button appears in the Question Editor and Activity Editor.

Accepted file types

• JPG • XPS • Video • V
• PNG • Word • Quartus • C
• PDF • Excel • Verilog • C++
• CSV • Powerpoint • Labview1 • S
• RTF • Publisher   • Assembly


• Open Office    

Table 1: Accepted file types.

Supported video file types include, MP4, MOV, WEBM, AVI, ASF, and WMV.

Enable photo capture

When selecting this option the user can capture and upload an image directly from their device web camera.
Note: JPEG must be selected from the list of supported files for this feature to work. If JPEG is not selected, the user will be able to capture an image, but it will fail to upload.

When enabled, this feature is activated from a camera icon that appears in the top menu bar. When selected by the user a modal will appear with a live stream of their camera.
Note: first time usage on a device will prompt the user to grant permission for access to their device camera.

The user then selects capture and receives a three second countdown before the image is captured. They have the option to accept the captured image, or retake the image. Once accepted, they are prompted to name the file and then save to return to the file upload interface.

File description mode

This option appears in the top menu bar as a "T" icon and when selected by the user will expose a plain text field for all uploaded files. Users can add a small description to accompany their uploaded files.

Notedescriptions are limited to 250 characters.

More options

  • Max score: the highest score that can be awarded for the response. Needs to be configured on the page by your development team.
  • Minimum score if attempted: a value indicating how many attempt marks a student will receive for attempting the question.
  • Max width: the maximum width of the file upload container.
  • Font size: select from small, normal, large, extra large, and huge.
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