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The stringMatch method is used for literal string comparison. This compares the value set by authors in validation against the learner's response and evaluates whether they are the same or not. The stringMatch option is a simple comparison method: it does not take the syntax and data type set in the validation area into account.

For example, if the correct response is abc, learners must enter exactly abc to score correctly. A response of cba will be marked as incorrect as it does not exactly match the correct response.

To check if a learner's response is mathematically equivalent instead, see equivSymbolic.

Additional Options

  • Ignore leading and trailing spaces
    Ignores spaces before and after a value, i.e. "a" will be treated as "a".

  • Treat multiple spaces as one
    Multiple spaces will be ignored and treated as one, i.e "a b" is the same as "a b".
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