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Understanding Items and How They are Used in Learnosity

What is an Item?

Learnosity stores and delivers Questions in a parent container called an Item. An Item is a capsule that holds not only one Question, but also additional Questions and Features including images or text passages, calculators, rulers and protractors, audio, and video players.


Figure 1 - An example of an item with a video and a Question.

Adding material other than Questions to an Item is entirely optional. Often, Items hold nothing more than a single Question. However, the real power of Learnosity Items is with their flexibility. Questions and Features can be placed side by side or underneath each other. Multiple Questions and Features can be placed in the same Item, although we generally recommend not to add a large number of Questions into one Item, as it may affect page load time.

Apart from content, Items are also responsible for holding tag metadata that can be used when utilizing the search filter in the Learnosity Author Site. Tags can also be used to assist with reporting and can provide an in-depth analysis of student performance.

In order to deliver assessments, Items are grouped together in an Activity.

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