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Image Tool including the Protractor and Ruler


The Image Tool feature in Learnosity allows authors to use rulers and protractors as part of a question stimulus, or add their own custom defined images as features.

Students can easily interact with image tools by dragging and rotating them.


There is a set of default rulers available in Learnosity, featuring rulers of different sizes, with inch or centimetre measurements. When the feature is selected, the ruler type can be specified in the Image field.

For this, enter any of the following ruler types into the text box:

  • ruler-15cm-72dpi
  • ruler-30cm-72dpi
  • ruler-6in-72dpi
  • ruler-12in-72dpi
  • ruler-6in-15cm-72dpi
  • ruler-12in-30cm-72dpi

DPI refers to "dots per inch" and is a setting you can choose when exporting images from many graphic design software applications. Make sure to test the ruler against the image you upload, to make sure that the ruler matches your image. We provide 72dpi and 96dpi choices and make the ruler-15cm-72dpi as default.

The selected ruler will be displayed in the Preview section.

The following four options are deprecated but are still supported currently:

  • ruler-15-cm
  • ruler-30-cm
  • ruler-6-inches
  • ruler-12-inches

The Show rotate icon option allows students to rotate the ruler.

When the Button is enabled, the ruler will only appear when the student clicks on the button. The button image can also be specified. Simply entering "ruler" into the Button Icon field will display a ruler icon. Custom icons can also be used. Click on "..." to upload or embed your image.

Authors can also change the button label by entering text into the Label field.


When the Protractor feature is selected the protractor will be simply displayed in the Preview section.

There are several options that can be specified for protractors:

  • Show rotate icon - When enabled it will allow students to rotate the protractor.
  • Button - Protractor will only appear when the student clicks on the button.
  • Button Icon and Label can be changed for protractors, the same way it can be changed for rulers.

Image Tool

Selecting a custom Image Tool allows authors to use their own image as a feature and allow students to interact with it.

To add an image simply click on "..." on the Image field and either upload an image from your computer or insert image URL, then click Ok.

Enable Show rotate icon? to allow students to rotate the image.

You can also specify the size of the image: insert values in pixels into the Width and Height fields.

The image tool Button can also be displayed for custom image tools. The image will only appear when students click on the button.

Button Icon and Label can be changed for custom images, the same way as for rulers and protractors.

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