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Adding Questions to a New Item and Saving the Item to Your Item Bank

Learn how to create Items and Questions using the Learnosity Author Site. 

Create a New Item

Authoring a basic Item requires nothing more than a couple of clicks in the Learnosity Author Site. To begin creating a new Item, click on the + Item button in the upper right corner of the Item List page.


Figure 1: Add a new item.

New Items will take on a default reference based on your organization, and can be renamed. The Item is a blank container where you add Questions and Features. By default, the item will open on the Edit view. You can also preview the Item to see it from a student view.

Adding a Question to the Item

To add a question to the Item, click on the + in the center of the item.


Figure 2: Add a question to an item.

The Learnosity Question Editor will open, and our default set of Question templates will be visible. They have been organized into a number of categories. On the left side, you will see the list of these categories, and a group of templates will be available under each category. Each template has been given a name and a short description underneath.


Figure 3: Set of Learnosity default Question templates.

Saving the Item

When you are happy with your question, click on the Save button above on the top right of the question and you will be redirected back to the Item. Figure 4 shows a view from the edit screen of an Item with just one question on it. To add more questions to the Item, simply click the + below the Item.


Figure 4: Item Edit screen with an MCQ question.


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