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Random Activity authoring

Introducing Random Activity Creation

With the feature of random Activities, authors now have the ability to create engaging Activities where Items from your default Item Bank are delivered as an assessment in a random order based on the groups configuration. Within random Activities, authors can choose between creating one of the following options, depending on their needs and preferences:

  • Fixed selection Item groups, or
  • Random selection Item groups.

Group type selection.png

Figure: Group type selection

Fixed selection Item group

All Items within a fixed selection Item group will be delivered to learners. Authors can choose to shuffle the order of Items within a fixed Item group. Learners will be shown all the Items from fixed groups in a random order when they take the assessment for the first time if the Shuffle items option is enabled. The order would be preserved for the learner when they resume their assessment.

Random selection Item groups

Authors can choose to deliver a subset of Items from random Item groups. Items will be selected at random from the group when they take the assessment for the first time. The selected Items are preserved for the learner when they resume their assessment.

Effortless Group Management

Once a group is created, authors can expand the group by clicking on the group. They can then use the Find items option to add pre-existing Items to their groups. Authors can search for and preview their Items before adding them to the group. Authors can add up to 50 Items under each group. Authors can choose to remove or preview the Items within a group.

Note: Only published Items from your default Item Bank can be searched for and added to groups. Once added to a group, an Item cannot be added to another group in the same Activity.

Items in a group.pngFigure: Items within a fixed selection group. 


Visual Group Summary

Authors can collapse or expand the groups in view, so they can manage and author random Activities easily. The group summary gives an indication of the type of Item group and also the total number of Items that would be delivered from that group.

Group summary.png

Figure: Item group summary

Authors can have a mixture of fixed Item groups and random Item groups, with a limit of five groups in total. The name of each group has to be unique within an Activity, and authors can edit group names.

Simple Activity Overview

The Activity summary gives an indication of the total number of groups within the random Activity, and also the total number of Items that would be delivered to learners. 

Activity summary.pngFigure: Activity summary 


Seamless Preview Feature

Authors can preview their random Activity once all groups and Items have been added to the Activity. To enable preview functionality, all groups must have Items added to them, and there should be at least one Item for delivery from random selection Item groups. This allows authors to simulate the learner experience and make any necessary adjustments before finalizing the Activity.


Please note that random Activity authoring is an opt-in feature and not enabled by default in Author API. If you would like to utilize this feature in your authoring environment, you will need to configure Author API through its initialization options, or contact Learnosity support for assistance in enabling it. You will need to be on v2024.1.LTS (or a later version) to use this feature.

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